"I.T. 2 Go helped us recover from a serious virus problem. We tried for days to clean it up in-house, wasting precious time and resources on a problem we weren't really capable of handling on our own. We called I.T.2Go, and they gave us a solution, made it affordable, and set up a framework so that we're more secure from these type of threats. I definitely recommend I.T. 2 Go."

Dan Jones,Transsiberian Music Company

I.T. 2 Go is an information technology service company with a difference! Skip the high-tech techno-babble run-around, you don't have time for it and neither do we. But if you're having problems with your computer technology or you want some advice, we can help. Whether it's networking, your website, hardware or software upgrades, backup solutions, virus or security - I.T.2Go can help!

Specializing in SMALL BUSINESS, I.T. 2 Go will be your own personal I.T. department. Give Don a call for networking and hardware related issues, and call Peter for web develpment. Either will be happy to come in and discuss your needs face-to-face.